Sunday, April 20, 2014

Believe in your Dreamsssss

April 14, 2014
Hello everyone, this email will be quick today! A longer one next week for sure.
-We had 6 investigators at church yesterday; one came to us in an unexpected way, when we were waiting for the elevator in our building. A mom came up to us and said, in portuguese, "will you guys come teach my son? He doesn't get out of the house much and you have lots of activities right?" and we said... MOST DEFINITELY.  his name is william and he is a little shy/awkward but totally legit.
-yesterday we went to find a guy who helped us move a member of the ward across the street, and when we got there he wasn't there, but his family was... his dad is Francisco, who is the patriarch of a ginormous cape verdean family with 10 adult children. and 3 of his daughters were there, and we taught the message of the restoration to them. they all wanted Livro de Mormons and one wanted the address of the church. ask and ye shall receive.
-had a super spiritual lesson with an investigator, Taj, who was unsure about his baptism happening soon. like everyone ever he wanted to delay 3 or 4 months; we opened up the scriptures and talked about how much it really matters. and nothing was planned but we followed the Spirit and miracles occurred in that little classroom. and he decided to be baptized April 26th. $$$
-I have a medical appointment at Mass General on tuesday!!!!! YES! hopefully there will be answers. and candy. but mostly answers :)
Love you all! Believe in your dreams!

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