Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring sprung in brockton

Just a quick shout out to let you know I'm alive and haven't fallen into a canal yet! The work here in brockton is spectacular and I'm actually like talking to people in portuguese now. Its pretty legit.

Also, transfers are this week but I'M STAYING. Thank goodness for that. Our family didn't get baptized last week due to one of the sons "sleeping" like an iron rod and never opening the door for us. 6 times. MAS we had a spectacular testimony meeting on sunday, in the which they they had legit fun and just about every member of the branch bore testimony, including me. A member of the stake presidency leaned over to me when I was sitting up front and said "I love coming to testimony meetings here..." and I swelled with pride for the branch that has just barely adopted a large americano that tries to speak criole. 

This month is gonna be awesome. 

Ate mais!!

-Elder Jackson 

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