Monday, February 9, 2015

You Guessed It...


As of one hour ago, the snow total for Boston in the third p-day storm in a row is another 19 inches, which makes this seasons total (basically this month's total) to 73.9 inches! In case you were wondering.... I'm 74 inches tall.

Life was good this week! We shoveled more, we taught some great folks, and we had a bunch-ton of meetings and trainings. It was pretty great. 

SHOUTOUT to Jenna who will be in Washington Seminar next fall! 

I really don't have that much to update yall on, except that I'm alive and thriving. 

Mom and Dad are coming to drop off my cello, for which the member who's cello I've absconded with and secreted away for two months will be very happy. Also, I will get to play more. 

Lets finish it off with MORE SNOW PICTURES :) 
I had to change 30 minutes before a baptism to unplug the font and drain it so we could fill it again with water that couldn't induce hypothermia. It didn't really work, but at least I got soaking wet on a Sunday and lost feeling in my toes

That is a truck. But I walk past it every day and think it looks like a little buffalo. Or really a big white buffalo.


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