Monday, June 30, 2014

The Trek Continues

Hello my dear friends and family--

The first full week of training was a little more difficult than the golden first two days (something that seems ironically backward but whatevs). I don't have all that much to update on actually. But here's the Lord's hand in my life. In the past 1.5 weeks,
-my ability to follow the Spirit and find those who are waiting is way stronger
-my language ability has gone way up (at least according to Elder Miller and others)
-my preoccupation with my head and the lyme stuff has gone way down. 

Those big three are not insignificant. They are the three biggest stresses of my mission so far and the Lord is healing them. Or like Alma's people, he's making them bearable. I'm living Mosiah 24 right now and it feels... good. 

Had to spend a day and a half inside due to intense abdominal pain-- at first we thought it might be appendicitis, but by the second day it was going away and Elder Miller cleared me. He said it might have been an infection in my appendix but not appendicitis, which was relieving. They did a follow up blood test for white cell count when i was at Mass Gen this week and said all was normal, so no worries with that.

We've got four people - Jose, Raymond, Tony and Luisa - marked for baptism in the month of July, and its gonna take all we have to make it happen. I'd love your prayers pweeeez.

My biggest goal right now came from a discussion we had with Elder Miller last night. I mentioned I was worried about doing the things I need to do on my mission in order to change my nature for the man/leader I need to be after the mission. And he responded that if I keep focusing on that I may not get there. He said the key to become a fully consecrated church member is not focusing on yourself, but losing it all in your love and service of the Lord. Its been hard-- I've focused more on myself than I wanted to on my mission because of the medical stuff and trying to not let it stop me. But now it'll change. I've got a companion who needs my help and direction and an area that needs my every thought. So I'll give all I can to the Lord, and not worry about things I can't control... like what I'll end up being after the mission.  Time to get to work!

Elder Jackson

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