Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Greetings from Elder Bomba

My dear dear people,

SHOUTOUT TO PAPAI NOEL, Mark Jackson, for whom the country celebrated once again this July 4th. He's worth it. 

Life is good. This week has been full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, crazy driving and crazy contacting, appointments dropped and miracles occurred. If I had the memory of Sister Jenna Jackson I would be able to give you a play-by-play of the weeks highlights but by Monday I've forgotten everything! But here are some of the coolest:

-Met Dee Dee, whose friend Iggy is on a "spiritual journey" here in the US. He's from Nigeria and is staying with her while here in Brockton. And we had a sweet discussion about our mutual purposes while Dee Dee demonstrated true southern Alabamian hospitality but feeding us and calling us sweetheart. Plus I learned how to cut a tomato the right way
-I had my first experience of contacting someone who's been prepared by friendship with a member of the church, a member who was partially reactivated by William our recent convert. It's a miraculous sequence of events all around and I really think something big could come of it!

-We went over the baptismal interview questions with Raymond and it was a powerfully spiritual experience. He's ready. Plus when we talked about family history on Saturday, we discovered he already basically has his 4 generation chart filled, due to a 6 month genealogical trip his cousin took a year or two ago. Next Saturday, the 12th, will be the day. 

It's time for me to jet--- gotta go eat some Brazilian stroganoff and play soccer with all the kids of Brockton. 

Elder Jackson
p.s. Photo: walking around in Arthur..

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