Monday, July 28, 2014


Tudo beemmmmmm irmaos e irmas. This week I spent some time catching up on emails so I don't have as much time to email this big ol' group. But it's not for lack of love for you all! Just a lack of time since....

We're leaving in an hour to drive to Elder Carvalho, excuse me--Assistant to the President Elder Carvalho, to the mission home to begin his AP duties. And with that I'll hit you with this stunner of a transfer change (which many of you probably don't care about but some will understand:

Elder Carvalho is now AP Carvalho,
Elder MacJanet is training a brand new missionary,

Elder Lopes and I are receiving a third companion Elder Vecchi,
AND 3 weeks I'm transferring to Dorchester, opening a new area and training, again. YUP!

So I have three weeks notice before I'll leave to open up Dorchester. There's a new Portuguese speaking missionary coming and I'll be there to meet him. It's a little bit more responsibility than I was expecting, when I thought for sure I would stay. But the Lord is teaching me line upon line; when I began, the idea of starting my mission was terrifying and new, then leaving the MTC for Boston was scary, then when that happened teaching and learning in real life was scary, then coming to Brockton when I didn't speak Portuguese was scary, then finding out I was taking over the area and training was scary, then finding out I'm leaving to open a new area and train is scary. But it has demonstrated to me the truth of 2 Nephi 28:30. To him that receiveth I will give more. The Lord surprises us with change, with steps upward; then once we realize we can, and we do, He gives us more to do. More to achieve. And thus, step by step, we learn who God really is and what we have to do to be like Him.

Yesterday we had a fantastic baptism. Baptisms in the Brockton branch are always crazy, because things always go different than planned, but it was awesome. Luisa was baptized by her husband and took the first step back home. SO COOL.

Elder Jackson

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