Monday, September 8, 2014

In the City‏

From a gigantic and ancient library in Boston, here's your update on the life of ELDER JACKSON.
This week was sweet. Like a ginepa. Or as I call them, eyeball fruit. I ate MANY this week.
I taught a 10-year old how to conduct hymns, so that he can soon have a chamadinho (little calling) in the group... I'm the designated piano player for church, so he's gonna be my conductor. #groupperks
Djeison is on fire. We were teaching about the Holy Ghost in church on Sunday, and I asked him about its role in his conversion so far. He said "When I read the Book of Mormon, I got a feeling that was very powerful. Something I never felt before, that I couldn't make up." Like getting hit with the Spirit train. LEGIT.
3 out of 7 teenagers from our favorite family of Marcelino were at church on Sunday, and they're starting to receive answers that this is the right way to go. eh fixe dimais! 
I'm not going to have 3 days as a cyborg (72-hour EEG), but instead a neurologist found a medicine that just might work. I'm hoping. It feels right.
I'm learning Portuguese faster than ever, probably because its the first time I'm teaching it to my companion and teaching in it to our people. Plus were getting a vision of how this group can crescer (grow), which it will--- one important step, we think, will be finding a place to have church in Dorchester. Gonna be an adventure. But we talked to a pastor who invited us to come read his sermons during the week, and we're gonna go! Maybe he'll lend us some real estate three hours a week!!!! its a stretch... but gotta be optimistic.
Shout outs to Daniel for his birthday and Scott for his birthday and Darren and Carey for their 1 year anniversary!!! BOM DIMAIS!
Elder Jackson 

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