Monday, December 22, 2014

3 More Daysssss

The Musical Fireside with Pres. Packard on the far left.

Boston Temple at night
I'll keep this brief, because I'm going to skype call with a large portion of you on Christmas day between 4-7pm. Lets save the good stuff for then.


-mai e pae jackson for sending some delicious boxes. I had to duct tape one closed to resist the urge to open it before Christmas.

-Scott and Kiersten for responding to my letter request in remarkable fashion.... never have I opened up a tiny apartment mailbox to see 11 letters inside all for me. You guys rock. And I can't figure out your secret message on the envelopes.

-to Heavenly Father, for blessing us with His Son. And the gospel, and music, and salvation. and saxophones. 

This week was sick. I performed at the Christmas conference two more times and got to see someone I taught my entire time in Brockton 5 months ago get baptized. We're prepping for a beautiful Christmas day and Maria (future RS president, pretty sure) and Vanessa (8 year old genius cat impersonator that loves primary)'s baptisms. I love Christmas. I love the true meaning of it. I'm glad I'm here. I'm glad life is hard. I'm glad it was hard for Jesus too, because he knows what its like deeper and fuller than any of us can comprehend. I'm just glad.

Lets get some pictures. I'll talk to you on Thursday!

Raymond's baptism

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