Monday, December 1, 2014

A November to Remember

I have never been more tired, and I have never been more happy.

This week was an emotional and spiritual roller coaster here in dorchestah, including almost losing a baptismal date twice and bringing them back twice, having a Turkey bowl then a Thanksgiving feast at the Packards home that basically made me die of trunkiness (incredibly good food & the same rolls that I usually destroy at home).

This week I had the chance to interview 4 people for baptism, and that was a very special experience for me. It is sweet and humbling to give them a chance to witness before the church and bear testimony of what they learned. Coolest part for me? I succeeded in doing an entire interview in Cape Verdean a man who was half blind and couldn't read or write, but had a powerful testimony. His signature was a + sign. 

This sunday was huge for the group-- the culmination of a momentous effort was a baptism of 4 people from 4 families (3 of whom were part-member families); 56 people came, mostly the extended families of the people getting baptized. Just in sacrament we had 40, again. The Lords hand is over this work and this area.

I cannot describe, nor do I have time, to tell what my mission means to me. So I'll just send PICTURES! 

Love you all so much! Happy post-thanksgiving and start your Christmas music!
Elder Jackson

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