Monday, May 4, 2015

Gotta make money for my celestial hunny‏

That and other solid one liners tell the story of our road trip through hartford and connecticut this week! We spent some solid days in Cambridge, Hartford, Cromwell, Groton,  and New London. Lessons were taught, skype lessons to Brazil were taught, dinners were eaten, and a peanut butter cup.... was shaaaaaared.

Just kidding on the peanut butter cup, I don't share those. But the rest really truly happened. One of the best appointments was when we went out with Bro. Slack and his friend to get pizza and teach a lesson. Bro Slack is the living equivalent of Hulk Hogan. Except he joined the church 3 years ago. Then went to prison for a while.... Then got out, called the missionaries, and came back to church. He's honestly one of the funniest dudes I've ever met. While we were driving home, Elder Pulsipher had a little bit of a lead foot and Bro Slack yells out " HE'S GONNA KILL ME, AND I'M NOT GOING TO HEAVEN BECAUSE I DIDN'T TAKE MY SACRAMENT THIS WEEK! YOU BETTER TAKE TWO PIECES OF BREAD ON SUNDAY FOR THIS!" I couldn't stop laughing, which is probably bad, but oh well. You take what you can get on the mission. It was sweet. And his old italian lady friend agreed to meet with the missionaries after dinner. So, #success. #liveswillchange #minesurewas

We had alll the new missionaries and their trainers come back to the Belmont Chapel this week (Mom and Dad, you went to conference there a month ago!) and trained and counseled with them. It was great. I still remember when I was sitting in their chairs, and to be on the other side 17 months later was surreal. The Spirit was straight powerful. I loved it.

The work continues; the mission has soooo much success coming in May and we have a unique privilege to watch it unfold and try to make sure all the missionaries are fulfilling their potential. By the end of this week I'll have clocked 3000 miles in the car in 3.5 weeks. Its feels so different but I'm getting to know all of New England really well. The best part of all is that we're so busy that I have basically no time to think about myself or my worries. Living outward is truly the best life of all.

Last fun fact: one of the office missionaries, Elder Denney, is dad's cousin! His mom is Barbara Lou McCormick, who is Marian McCormick (grandma Jackson)'s sister. Elder Denneys wife looked at my name, looked at my face, and literally said "You must be related to my husband." Thats some keen perception powers, but we looked it up, and sure enough, Dad and him are cousins. Sister Denney knew the McCormick family growing up. Any cool connections anyone? I'd be interested to know. I gave him Dad's family history story book, since half those people are related to him too.

Love you all! I forgot my camera cord again.... Someday I'll send you some pictures!

-Elder Jackson

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