Monday, April 27, 2015

Mini missions on mini missions and conferences galore‏

(Note from Mom: Someone texted me this photo and all the message said was
"Elder Jackson with Addison" Pretty cute, right?)

Hey everybody, just popping in to let you know I'm alive, Boston is well, and the mission is great! I've got some shoutouts so listen up:

SHOUTOUT to Matthew Crowder who is officially hitched! Hope you loved it man, and that you're ready to be a sick husband and father. 

SHOUTOUT to the Belmont Ridge Ward! (someone forward this to Bishop Lewis) I got a sweeeeet box a couple weeks ago and have been slowly consuming the chocolate on the road and late at night. I loved it. 
SHOUTOUT to everybody that worked to build up the church and spread the gospel in the East Coast over that last century. I was looking up Dad's old area in Stamford, CT, where he was the first spanish elder; now they have two Spanish wards there! He laid the foundation. So great.

This week we shipped off Elder Calvert home to Utah, ready to restart his basketball career at BYU. Were on our own with 2 weeks of experience! Fortunately we were well trained. We also had our masterpiece known as the Springfield Youth Conference mini mission extravaganza, where we assigned and organized mini missions for 21 youth in the Springfield Stake. Kicked it off with an MTC experience which we created and ran, finished it up with a testimony meeting on Saturday with the Packards. All in all it was an experience that built my testimony; many youth spoke about how they had a special connection with their missionaries and the areas they went to, which was something we chose,  not knowing them very well; just seeing their names and units. The Lord works through us.

Regional conference was great. I loved getting to see the tailored message for the East Coast, and loved seeing the photos of the recent converts. One of those pictures and stories we submitted ourselves to Salt Lake; the story of the mailman in Hingham who joined the church. Its a great story. Also, the shoutout to Ashburn stake made me proud. I was telling everyone in Lynnfield ward "THATS MY HOOD". You may remember Jacksons, the lynnfield chapel was where we went to church when we were on vacation here in Rockport two years ago. I had my first reunion there this past sunday on exchanges with the Lynnfield Elders. It felt like a very full circle to me.

We keep going here in Boston, busy as always. People are flocking to the missionaries right now after a fairly significant drought the last few months, and that has us all excited. I wish I could send photos but theres no card reader here and I forgot mine! So until I get a chance, I'm signing out.

Love you all! 
Elder Jackson

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