Monday, April 20, 2015

Just Road Trippin'

Hey all! Happy Patriots Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Here in Boston it's a big deal because it means everyone gets to be even more patriotic than usual, and there's a Red Sox game, AND the Boston Marathon. Everything's gonna shut down in a few hours here, and the roads have already started shutting down, so we'll be taking the T in to watch the Red Sox game :) Jenna, eat your heart out. I'M FINALLY GOING IN FENWAY.
As the subject line says, this week was basically one big road trip. We put more than 1000 miles on the Black Pearl (our 12 passenger van) and did exchanges in places like Dorchester, Brockton, Franklin, Nashua, Billerica, Lowell, Providence, Central Falls, Waterbury, and Woodbridge. The nice thing about having three assistants who speak 3 different languages is that we can exchange into 3 different areas simultaneously and actually teach in the language! Good ol Elder McCann dominates the Spanish, Elder Calvert throwns down in English, and I unleash a little Portuguese. It's been great to learn from and help out the other missionaries.

One of the most tender moments of this week was in Brockton. I got to sit down with a man named Orlando who I helped, but didn't teach, when I was serving there. The elders were teaching him, but he reached a wall and wouldn't progress to his baptism. During a counsel session I was impressed to suggest that the elders talk to him about family history and temple work, and focus on how his ancestors were waiting for him to take that step. They did, and it clicked miraculously for him, and he was baptized. He then played a key role in Raymond's conversion, who also was baptized and just recently baptized his son into the church. Orlando is now the executive secretary/clerk of the Brockton Ward. When I left, he had little scriptural knowledge. This past week he was quoting D&C to me and explaining the Lord's promises to missionaries. And he learned 8 months. I was amazed by his testimony and his expanded handle on the workings of the spirit; it felt a little Alma 26 to me. 

--Shoutout to Matthew Crowder who's getting hitched this Friday. It was nice knowing ya buddy. Remember the little people!
--Shoutout to all the younguns in Belmont Ridge ward getting their mission calls. Best thing you could ever do!
--Shoutout to Brother Han, who's running the Boston Marathon today.
--Shoutout to Sister Han, who I met miraculously at the Lexington reenactment at 6 am this morning!

What do you want to know about Boston? About the mission? Ask me questions. I'd love to find answers for ya. Love you all. Fica dretu! Te amo, cada um!

-Elder Jackson

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