Monday, April 6, 2015

The Last Hurrah in Dorchester‏


What a week it has been.

P-day is reaching its end, and I'll be moving to my new area in about 20 minutes. All packed up to leave Boston, and its very bittersweet.

About three weeks ago President Packard approached me at a district leader training and let me know that I should pay attention to the training, because I would be giving it in a few weeks. He told me that the Lord wanted me to be his new assistant. So there you have it! The family already knows, but I'll be moving to Weston to work as one of the new APs in the MBM. 

Its been quite the journey. Starting wayyy back two summers ago when I got sick; the diagnosis, the mission delay, the waiting and the treatment for Lyme disease. Never feeling sure about going to Brazil. Getting to finally come on the mission, only to have the symptoms return a year ago. Coming to the portuguese program in Brockton, training, getting the pride humbled out of me by not speaking the darn language, learning, getting sent to Dorchester to open up the brand new area with Elder Rodrigues. Getting humbled again. Watching it grow. Working with everything I had, and seeing new medical solutions open up. New York, the lyme clinic, answers, and treatment. Medicine that finally worked. Clarity and joy, working in the city with a clear mind and great companions; the call to be a zone leader and all the things it taught me; surviving the Wicked Big Stawm of 2015; and now leaving the group I love for Weston, to serve the Lord with a mission president (or two) that's taught me so much already. I don't know for sure, but based on past experience, I would say the best is yet to come. 

Isn't that the real message of Easter? 

I'll tell you straight my friends, like we do here in Boston. The best is yet to come. The tomb is empty, because Jesus lives. Everyone will live again; salvation is free; eternal life is our goal. Push for it. Believe in it. Our Savior's with us, in the thick and in the thin. The journey to where I am now has proven that to me. 

Elder Jackson

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