Monday, March 30, 2015

Some Greasy Saxophone, Passalong Cards and Suzy's Foot‏

Happy Monday everyone! This is Elder Jackson's update from Boston, probably the last time I'll update you from minha casa, good ol' Dorchester. I love it all, from the black snow to the cachuppa to the lottery tickets that litter the sidewalks. 

Shoutout to mom and dad who are coming to BOSTON this weekend! General Conference weekend! Will we meet? Will there be spying? There's literally no way of knowing. 

This week was cool. We started off with a priesthood training for all the young men on how to do the sacrament. They came and hour and a half late, but you bet we trained them good. And yesterday the sacrament was 1000x better and more reverent. #success

A less-active man and his son came with us to tour the church and see where it was, and we read 1 Nephi 8 with them. Getting them there in the first place was miraculous. Also.... fun times when we figured out the son is already a member! Had us fooled!

Friday we road tripped down to Warwick, Rhode Island, (elder santiago's first time out of Mass in 22 months!) and had a spectacular musical/visual fireside for members and investigators down there. It was the first time in my life that I ever played cello, saxophone, and sang in the same performance. Best part was that I got to play a southern black spiritual on sax and I made it as greasy as possible, per President's request. 

This week a lady called us and asked for a priesthood blessing because she was going to have eye surgery the next day. She's cape verdean and we asked how she got our number, and she said someone left a card in her door back in October. That was us! Literally, it was the first time on my mission someone called back from a card we left. We went, gave her the blessing, and two days later zita (our RS pres)  was driving her to a follow up appointment at the hospital. Mysterious ways.

Last--- we have a lady we teach named Suzy. She burned her foot badly about 6 months ago, and has worn bandages and braces ever since, and struggled to walk. We gave her a blessing two weeks ago. We went back a few days ago, and saw her ankle bare, no braces or bandages or socks. She said she went to the doctor and they said the burns made amazing progress; she recognized that the change had started right after the blessing. It was the first time in my life that healing has happened so remarkably. Testimony builder right there.

Thats about it. Most likely next week I will be writing from a different location! I love you all, I love this work. Keep on and I'll talk in a week! Unless you're mom and dad. Because I know there will be spying involved.

Elder Jackson

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