Monday, March 16, 2015

It's Official...‏

We are officially the indisputable champions! Of being snowed on! 108.6!

With another storm that passed yesterday we topped the all time snow record in the history of Boston. I have an inappropriate amount of pride that I was here for the worst winter ever. When my kids ask me about my mission, I can say I walked uphill both ways through 4 feet of snow to teach people about Jesus! Or something like that.

This week we had two great activities in the group: a trip to the temple on Tuesday with our recent converts and a VICIOUS cape verdean noite de integracao on Saturday night. 

Tuesday was great. We took PJ, Maria and Vanessa, Rosa, and the Frimpongs to the Boston temple for baptisms for their own family. They all loved it. I had the special opportunity to confirm Maria fontside for her grandmother-- a powerful experience.

On the more partying side of things, our noite de integracao was a huge success on Saturday. People brought their friends, there was a mountain of CV food, and two of our investigators got to come and enjoy some quality, deafening CV music and hopefully a little bit of the spirit :)

Boston is great. I love this place. I'll send you a bunch of pics to prove it to you.

Elder Jackson

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