Monday, March 2, 2015

In Like A Lion

Hey you!

Lets start with shoutouts. 

Shoutout to Nathan Whipple. If I'm correct, his birthday is TODAY!

Shoutout to Jenna for being a stellar Model UN-er. 

Shoutout to all of you, for being great and always pushing forward and always brightening the world.

This past week, it didn't snow. Except for yesterday, during our mission president's fireside for the Boston Stake in Weston. Of course it snowed right when everyone was supposed to drive there. But on the bright side? We're only 5.8 inches away from the all time snowiest winter in boston history. YEEHAW.

This week we met the most responsible Cape Verdean lady in Boston. We were late to an appointment with her and she told us "I can only give you 30 minutes since you were 20 minutes late." This might surprise you, but that was music to our ears. It means she remembered our appointment!!!!

Tuesday: We had an appointment with Edson, who disappeared on the day of his baptism three months ago. He's been reading his scriptures every day since then and carries the Book of Mormon with him everywhere he goes. He still wants to be baptized. Problem is, he just got a new job and has to work every sunday 7am-10pm, for the rest of eternity. But by miraculous means he has returned.

Luisa is doing so good. We watched Patterns of Light and discussed receiving revelation from God. She came to church, brought PJ in a suit, and watched him be ordained a deacon. All my (not really mine, but you get it) recent converts were at church on Sunday, which was a tender mercy.

Transfer meeting was huge (30 missionaries going home, shutting down 9 areas), and I had my first real experience organizing rides for 11 missionaries and 6 sets of luggage home to boston... it was.. complex. But worked out that nobody had to take the T home at 10 at night. We lost all the seniority in the Boston east zone, so I'm now the longest tenured one here. It was a weird feeling to see the last of the group that was here when I arrived be transferred elsewhere.

Last, the aforementioned fireside with President Packard in weston was titled "What the World Knows because of Joseph Smith". It was really, really awesome. Plus, I was asked (the day before) to play cello at the fireside on a piece I never played. So Sunday, 5 hours before the fireside, I said a quick "Lord help me" prayer and then took a violin accompaniment to Make Me Whole (rob gardner, Lamb of God) written in Db, hand-transposed it to D and then to bass clef for cello, jumped in the car, rehearsed once in Weston and then performed. Miraculously it sounded really good (I was the weakest of the trio having not practiced) and now I have another song to whip out if I need it, written in my own handwriting. The adventures of missionary life :) the highlight was President Packards message. Truly, the restored gospel is a treasure. 

I love you all! Were still alive up here in Boston! Keep the faith! Be safe! 

-Elder Jackson

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