Monday, September 21, 2015

Transfer Surprises-- I'm Outtie

 We went apple picking! 
 The best donut i ever ate 
Elder Perkes taking a wicked spill on some apples.
Tractor dreams.

Good day to all yall out there! Popping in to let you know I'm still alive in Boston. This week was pretty solid, but not in a way that yields too many jaw dropping stories of missionary heroism. Mostly we organized and executed transfer decisions, but that in and of itself is a fairly great feat.

Since I don't have much to talk about, I'll explain transfers real quick for those who don't know. So we have 240 missionaries in our mission, and about 100 areas/units for them to serve in covering all from bridgeport, CT to Keene, NH to Lynnfield, MA to Cape Cod. Every 6 weeks we have transfers. And its crazy. We have 5 languages in the mission (english, spanish, portuguese, mandarin chinese and haitian creole) so we have to very carefully plan within those 5 language programs where in new england the missionaries can and are supposed to go. There are spanish units or groups in every stake, portuguese units/groups in about half the stakes, haitian in two stakes and chinese in one stake. In the end its a giant puzzle of combining companionships across this area, all based on revelation from the Lord. 

How does the revelation come? Its a total mix of information and inspiration, meaning we come to the process with ideas and put together as much as we can, listening to the Spirit and paying attention to where the Lord leads us as we discuss His missionaries and where they need to go. In the end, the right to revelation rests on President Miller as he has stewardship over them. But we do all we can to prepare and facilitate that revelation.

So we did all that this week, and got done, and President said he had one last change to make. He went over to the board and grabbed my card and two other portuguese elders, did a big switcharoo, and now I'm shipping down to Central Falls, RI to the Portuguese group! I'm so pumped. But its also hard to leave the Millers and Elder Perkes. We've gotten really close these past few months. But my good friend Elder Vecchi is taking my spot and I know he's going to kill it here! 

Wednesday night after transfer meeting I'll hop in the car and drive down to Central Falls. Its a small, densely populated city full of Cape Verdeans, hispanics and some Brazilians too, not too far from Providence. Right now its the promised land for our work. The group is growing fast-- and I've got two transfers to help it really get going. 

The Lord is at the head of this work, and its the greatest and noblest work of all. Everyones invited!

Elder Jackson

ps. new address should be 75 South Union Street #408 Pawtucket RI 02860

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