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Promised Land

Feb. 17, 2013

This might be a shorter email-- not too much to report on this week. It snowed again, two different storms with like 18 inches by the end, so we were stuck one of the days. Sometimes I think we could go out, but mission orders... And its hard to be productive on those days. Something I definitely need to get better at.
We did a lot of service this week, going out and helping members who need it. I've given more blessings in the past two weeks than I can remember, and its an honor to hold the priesthood and to bear its blessings to those who need it most. 

Jerry's back from Georgia, and (hopefully) on Tuesday we're going to do an awesome lesson on the Book of Mormon. 
Her name is Ella and she is a 93 year old black woman with a heart full of faith and a tongue full of sass. Aka perfect!  So we are teaching her the first lesson this week. Prayers that the Spirit will help her grasp the significance of what we're teaching (she's mentally 100% there. just...yeah. old) would be much appreciated. 

Now to explain the title: 
Bloomfield is my promised land. The choice place for me to labor. And this is not because it is a land flowing with milk and honey although there are a ton of cows ;)-- this is because I am meant to be here with these people doing what I'm doing. It is not promised because it is easy, just as the promised land wasn't easy for Nephi and his posterity. But as they labored to till and plant and build, the land "prospered exceedingly" unto them (2 Nephi 5:11). 
My promised land is where the Lord places me when I'm striving to keep my covenants. Its the work he gives me in Bloomfield, no matter how large or small, how numerically successful or minimal, that becomes most precious and sweet unto me. Because I am doing what He asks. And I'm not going to compare my promised land to your promised land, because you are not me! The Lord works with us on our own scale. So be diligent, faithful and patient (Alma 32:42), and the Lord will show you your promised land. He'll show you that you're in it. 

Elder Jackson

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