Monday, August 18, 2014

Jerusalem, if I forget youuuuuuu

Zoram and the Narrador 
Luisa's baptism

That is the sad song I sing, except Jerusalem is Brockton and I am not singing Hebrew reggae... But after several days of calls between President Packard and I, we've decided my brain in decent enough shape to handle a transfer to Dorchester, opening an area and training without a car. All I can do is trust and dive in. But the Lord qualifies whom He calls, neh?

This week was full of many great experiences, lots of the Spirit, struggles for answers and moments of great and sweeping views. I wrote a few weeks ago about my frustration with the people's struggle to keep commitments, to progress forward. And this week saw the realization of a love for the people I could not instill in myself, but had to come from God. Where before there was resentment, now there is understanding. And I deeply appreciate the chance to be here in my "promised land".

Two stories:

We went to go see two women we've been teaching, Nichinha and Bia, several times this week, and it all culminated in a lesson on Wednesday. We brought the Restoration video and a recent convert who gained his testimony through that video and set up the Miller's computer and speakers in the living room to watch. When the movie arrived at Joseph Smith's walk into the forest to pray, Julio (the RC) moved from one side of the room to be closer to the screen, saying "this is the best part-- this is what I really want to see." And the Spirit was there. And they watched, and we talked and prayed, and they decided to be baptized. It was miraculous.

On Saturday we had a casa aberta (open house) at the chapel, where the mission's portable visitor's center was on display. It took days to prepare everything, but in the end it was fantastic. Especially sweet was a play that me, E. Lopes and E. Vecchi wrote for 1 Nephi 2-4 (Nephi + bros go get the brass plates from Laban). We had two rehearsals, both of which only had like half the people there, and I thought it was going to fall apart. But it didn't. It was funny, it was dramatic, and I learned that Cabo Verdeans are really good improv actors. And most importantly the people there loved it. I'll get a video and send it to you.
My role? The portuguese :) #gringo

Will I go to Brazil? The question that has been on my back for 21 weeks now.... And I think I will stay here. Many prayers, a lot of counsel with parents and President Packard. It seems right. It hurts a little bit to close the door, but I think maybe this was where I was meant to be all along.

Elder Jackson

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