Monday, January 5, 2015

eh moooooooodi‏

 The diagram of a training in district meeting.
A column in a T stop they named after me, Jackson Square.

ta fixe here in Boston. This week was good, and really cold, and it snowed a few inches, and we walked a ton. Pretty basic!

New Years: nothing exciting, because we had an appointment with a family at 7 and then went home because the missionaries had a curfew because everybody else was drunk! So we used those noise makers and some poppits and ate a feast of hot dogs and ham and eggs, and went to bed. HAIL 2015!

Stories from this week:
Edson, our friend who disappeared on the morning of his baptism, ran away from us twice this week in his car. It was pretty hilarious because he is the fastest backwards driver in all of Cape Verde and thus all of Boston, and so it was pretty obvious the second time that he didn't want to talk to us when he went flying up a side street and literally threw us for a loop. It was kinda terrible, but at the same time, really funny.

I ate a salad, a HUGE salad, covered in cold mackerel, with an inch depth of fish oil in the bottom. I ate all of it except for the last few carrots. I felt like a hero. #smallvictories

We gave a training in district meeting using Alma 49:17-20 to explain teaching the Apostasy and Restoration. We played Sprach Zarathustra (2001: Space Odyssey) while reading the verses. I encourage you all to try to recreate that moment.

I got growled at by a hooded man hiding in the space between construction scaffolding and a brick wall and nearly peed myself.

I got schooled by Cape Verdeans at church soccer.

And I'm still here! I approach the 21st anniversary of my birth in 9 days, also transfers, here's hoping my birthday present is staying in Boston, because I wanna stick in our pequeno grupo. Really bad. And nothing else will change when I turn 21 :)

Love you all!

-Elder BDJ

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