Monday, January 26, 2015

SnowPacolypse chegando....(coming)‏

Part of our zone saying goodbye to the senior sister who worked on cataloging family records here in boston. She's going back to Seattle.

As we speak a behemoth of a tempestade (storm) is approaching boston! We're gonna get more or less 2 feet of snow and will be stuck in our apartment/neighborhood tomorrow. The mayor of Boston issued a driving ban and the public transit is shut down. reminds me of the time when it snowed approximately two million feet in VA 5 or 6 years ago and we didn't go to school for a week. Hopefully we'll be back out on wednesday if all the buses are back up and running.

This past week was pretty great, really the first week I felt we were following our vision for the zone here in boston. The work is truly on fire and there are miracles coming everywhere. 

A lady I talked to on the bus, Lucia Rosa, invited us over to share our message with her and her grandson. We went over yesterday and spent some time answering her questions. One concern she has was about her son, Matheus, who had died at 2 years old. She asked if she would ever see him again, if he would be old or young. It was a powerful moment for me; I testified to her that she would be able to raise her son after this life. It was a wonderful lesson and she accepted to be baptised on Feb. 22nd.

I love you all! For those on the east coast, take advantage of the snow and send me some pictures of what you do with it! I love you all!

-Elder BDJ

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