Monday, January 12, 2015


 A van that cares for us Elders no matter how much we stray.
My favorite TP holder in the local T station.

There's a live concert that Jenna and I used to listen to by a guy I can't remember because my mission has made me forget all music ever; but in this live concert the guy starts talking about birthdays and he suddenly just says in a growly tone twenty-ooonnnnee, which now is perpetually stuck in my head. I guess for me I'm feeling a strange sort of twenty-one, insomuch as nothing at all will change on my birthday!

Except for a few things. 

Elder Griffiths is getting transferred to Brockton (I seem to send all missionaries to Brockton) to serve with my two sons.
Elder Santiago, hailing from Brasilia, Brasil, is coming to Boston 1 Portuguese and together we will be the zone leaders for the Boston East zone! New adventures ahead. Only question that really matters.... does this mean they'll give us a car?
In other news; this week I went to MGH for a follow up appointment with Dr. Flaherty, got a prescription for a new medicine to help treat the brain fog, and so far, it seems to really be helping. I know brain medicine takes a while to build up, so it could be placebo. But perhaps not. I'm feeling very hopeful about it and very thankful for all the work that has brought us to this point. 

This week was exceedingly cold, like freeze-your-water-bottle-shut cold, but I got to break out some new thermals and enjoy hand-warmers scalding my palms. We taught some people, had some miracles, and had a stellar zone conference where we established goals for the last six months of President and Sister Packard's tenure. I'm recommitting myself in a lot of ways to full consecration, and in that respect my birthday will bring some changes. And some new responsibilities. Send up some prayers that I won't lead any missionaries into apostasy!

I love you all.  

-Elder Jackson

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