Monday, August 10, 2015

Gazer Glasses, Moving Hutches, Making Names‏

Bom dia bom dia! Hope everybodys doing well and killing it in whatever endeavors you're on. Life goes on here in Boston, the promised land.

This update might be a little shorter. But crucial events of the week:

-Did a webex to the whole mission broadcast from the massive Cambridge Stake center. The internet was cruddy and nobody could hear, except for the end when President spoke. Just goes to show who the Lord really wants the missionaries to hear :) we are chopped liver

-Stayed up....late preparing our portion of the mission leadership council for Wednesday. Much like last time, Elder Perkes and I got most of the way there on our planning but hit a wall, feeling we just didn't get it all right. But given it was....late and we still had to load up the truck with the mission's supply orders, we gave up and called it. The next day we had MLC, and our training turned out to be perfect and the whole mission used it in zone meetings. It was the Spirit that made the difference in that meeting; we didn't account for the Spirit's influence when we planned. I learned to ALWAYS rely on the power of the Holy Ghost doing the teaching when I plan a lesson or training.... it won't feel right if you forget...

-I've had an eye twitch for about 23 months now, since before the mission. They said it would go away in 6 months, but sadly it hasn't, so I went to the ophthalmologist on Friday morning. She was brilliant and all but basically said... Ami ka sabe (Cape Verdean for I have no idea) and suggested I try some dry eye treatment. Apparently my eyes are totes healthy. So no solution, but at least I don't have cataracts. Plus I got those sweet GazerBeam roll-out sunglasses for my dilated pupils. I know you know what I'm talking about.

 -Saturday was Transfer Text day! The whoooole mission has been bugging us since we were late getting them out. Planning transfers with the brand new mission president is a different experience for sure, but he received the revelation he needed and transfers were made. Not to mention, we have 28 new missionaries coming in... so 1/4 of the mission will be training! GREENIE FIRE!

The best experience of the week came last Monday night. We helped an investigator, Tim, move his stuff from the second floor apartment to the first floor. That included bear hugging an entire washing machine and taking off doors and dismantling couches. One piece, a hutch from a cabinet set, was taken outside to be left on the curb for anyone who wanted it. A lady came right as we were finishing and asked if she could have it, so we helped get it in her car. She started saying how much she loved Mormons but we believed some weird stuff about planets and spaceships... It was all off, so we explained that it was misinformation. Then Elder Perkes offered to come over to teach her what we really believe... and she accepted! Kim wrote down her whole life story in my planner (home #, cell #, husbands cell # and name, address) which was a first and very trusting of her. She's in Florida for a few weeks, but when she returns, we'll teach her and her family.

Elder Jackson

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