Monday, August 3, 2015

Reunions, opposition and sick cabins‏

 A random lady's daylily farm (mom would love it) call "daybydeb"

 Cabin in Peterborough
 Recent convert temple day.
My favorite view in Boston.
My sweet ride, "The Black Pearl"
This weeks email may be slightly less engrossing than last week, but cool stuff happened nonetheless. Summer has arrived here in Boston, its hot as the blazes, I still like humidity but given the lack of east coaster-missionaries here, the general consensus is this is ridiculous. I bet its worse in Virginia!

We're pushing strong through interviews this week with President Miller; he's got remarkable stamina and has been going 8am-8pm every day for a week! The missionaries love him and find it easy to open up to him. Something I was worried about.

Here's some cool stuff from the week:

On Tuesday we got a call from the missionaries in Brockton asking if we could come help teach Jane, a girl me and Elder Lopes taught there last summer. When on exchanges a month ago in the city, she walked past us on the street and I talked to her and set up a visit for the sisters to start teaching again. Found out on Tuesday that she has been progressing rapidly, and hit with incredible opposition. (getting beat up in the park by other 14 year old girls, getting beat up at home, fake FB accounts making fun of her, etc....) We had an incredibly powerful lesson where she told us she received her answer that the church was true, and wanted to be baptized, but is afraid of the reaction of abusive family members. The spirit witnessed to both me and Elder Perkes that she is extremely important to the Lord and that he has big plans for her; that's why there has been such overwhelming opposition. So grateful the Lord let us cross paths a month ago.

We also spent some time on exchanges this week, and I got to go up to Peterborough, NH. It was SO DOPE. THe elders are great, and the lay of the land reminded me so much of Virginia. Our meeting with one family out in the woods was super productive, then after dinner he threw us on his strange ATV like vehicle and drove through the woods.... to a siiiiick cabin he's built in a forest clearing. See pictures.

Besides that, this week we had our recent convert temple day at the Boston Temple, with over 40 recent converts coming to perform ordinances for their own family names. I was left the assignment by President Packard to make sure the day was successful (he said, half joking, that if it fell apart it was on my shoulders), and it was. President Miller loved it and said, "We should be doing this in every mission that has a temple." They highlighted our R.C.T.D. it in the past Mission Presidents Seminar, so I think the idea will be spreading soon.... I'm sure that doesn't interest you, but its cool to me.

We planned transfers, which is thrilling and difficult and inspiring when the mission president has only met each missionary .5-1 times. Lots of bold moves and revelation.

and this week, a senior couple was miraculously reassigned from Russia to here in the MBM. We have been hoping and praying for something like this to happen, so we can build up our Hartford City group. #answered

That's it! Enjoy pictures! Until next week!
Elder Jackson

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