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Jan. 6, 2014

Hello dear family and friends.

I salute you from Bloomfield CT, the stake center, the family history center, third computer from the right. HOME SWEET HOME. 

Right off the bat, I'll throw out my address again:
950 Mountain Road, Bloomfield, CT, 06002

And now, Darren and Carey Style, here is the Top 5 or possibly the First 5 Days of Being A Real Missionary. 

Day 1: Fly from SLC to Denver. Other Boston missionaries never show up. Fly solo Denver to Boston. Meet the greatest mission presidents in the world. Celebrate New Years at 8pm (#missionarystyle) with President Packard lying on the floor taking pictures of confetti being thrown by a herd of greenies. YUP.

Day 2: Street contacted in Boston Commons, had a philosophical discussion with a homeless man, got trained, got assigned a companion because Winter Storm Hercules was coming through and we had to leave for new areas immediately. Arrived in Bloomfield to meet Elder Benedict and move into a house with 6 elders that was meant for 4. Craziness ensues

Day 3: entitled Cabin Fever. Snowed in, red dotted, played Settlers of Catan and a 2 hour game of Risk, ordered Pizza for delivery to the church. Left wondering what missionary life is REALLY like.

Day 4: Normal day with real work, except for when the pipe burst in the garage downstairs and -10 degree temps and gushed water everywhere, which froze semi-instantly. Called the mission office, who called 911 who sent some people over to shut down the water. Didn't get to bed until 12. Left wondering if this is what every day will be like in Connecticut.

Day 5: Awoke early with shivers and only one sheet, due to the fact that the heater stopped working in the middle of the night. House was roughly 57 degrees, but that doesn't stop missionaries. Bought thermals at target and CARRIED ON. 
And yesterday we went to visit a less-active member, and as I was saying the closing prayer their cat who looks exactly like Mr. Kitty climbed onto the sofa next to Elder Benedict and threw up. Needless to say that prayer ended QUICKLY lolz

And so on and so forth :) 
My companion and trainer is Elder Benedict from Nauvoo, Illinois. He is a semi-computer genius who was on CNN for winning a national hacking competition, but is also one of the most humble missionaries I've ever met due in part to the fact that he has probs the worst speech impediment I've ever heard. It will take him pretty much an eternity of stuttering and throat contortions to say a given sentence but man. This guy brings the Spirit. He has to fight to get every word out but you know he believes, because you feel it. And as President Packard said, he knew me and him were meant to work together. And i know it's true. I'm learning so much from him and also helping him I think. President Packard said he wanted Benedict to train but needed the right missionary to be his trainee, and I guess that's me. Love the guy. 
The ward here is awesome. We get fed every single night and that is not an exaggeration. The people love us. And there are tonnnns of less-actives in the ward boundaries, about a 50/50 split. So we spend most of our time visiting and strengthening and committing them, and the rest meeting with our investigators. We have a car and we drive everywhere which is awesome. 
Tons of diversity in the ward. Lots of 10-15 year converts. TONS OF JAMAICANS, which is really entertaining and cool. 

The work is different than I expected, but I love it. The work is hard but not when you have that perfect love Moroni 8:16 talks about. I've been on too long but I love you all! Be safe and be brilliant! 
Elder Jackson
Mr. Kitty look alike. 

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