Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snowed In

Jan. 2, 2014


So we've been red dotted here in BLOOMFIELD, CT on my first day in the field, because a regular ol' nor'easter is dumping 6-14 inches of snow across the mission. But its actually awesome, because my companion Elder Benedict and I are living in a house on the same property as the stake center. A HOUSE. With currently 4 other Elders, but when they can actually leave to their new areas it'll be 4 total in the house. I'm speaking English but it's alllll good. I know I'm supposed to be with Elder Benedict as my companion. 

Anyways, we just walked over to the stake center since we can't drive anywhere and are about to eat some pizza and play some sports. Probably be here through tomorrow. So i figured I could send some pictures from the last day at the MTC!

So here's what we're going to try. I started an account on, which is like a virtual drop box for photos and stuff. 
so you can log on and see it by going to and entering in the username, my email, and the password Kolob!11 and go look at some photos! Especially check out the one I took with Samuel H. Smith. We're twinners.

Winter Storm Hercules can't get me down. To be honest its suuuuuper weird to start the first days of my mission like this but what can I say.... this hasn't been a normal mission yet. Seems on track to be a weird one folks.


pic: snowed in means a 2-hr game of Risk

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